New Developments



Biltronic - DL-02 DL-02xxx is a multi-channel microprocessor device with a battery power supply for logging of various impulse and analogue (temperature and pressure) process values. It is applicable for recording up to four items of flow meters with an impulse output in normal and explosive atmosphere, storage, backup and export of data with inbuilt RF modem for consumption of gas, water, etc. DL-01 belongs to the new generation of industrial controllers with RF connection in ISM range 868 Mhz. The electronic device with remote reading of the gas flow meters indications Dl-02xx is provided with a battery power supply. It is designed to operate without a battery change for no less than 10 years. The use of the modern elements /micro-power processor MSP 430 with inbuilt ADC and RF modem with very low consumption at power supply 3.6V and technical solutions achieve consumption of the measured part from 0.001 mA. Electronic device for remote reading of the gas flow meters indications Dl-02xxx has the opportunity to measure analogue values in 12 Bit class – temperature, pressure and humidity as well as to read the indications of sensors with voltage or current output. The device is certified with ATEX Ex II 2 G Ex ia IIB T3 and has protection level – IP65.

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Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks 2(LR-WPAN 2) - With prospects to replace LR-WPAN technology. Smaller size, a wider range of application, better data security and efficiency. Significantly faster communication and in accordance with European recommendations.


Biltronic - PTZR-02 Upgrade existing PTZR-01. Possibility of placing or replacing the UHF communication module Biltronik AD without violating the integrity of the metrological marking. Adding additional parameters to meet the increased requirements of customers.


Biltronic - KB-GSM-10 KB-GSM-10 is designed for control, monitoring, management and protection of sites through wireless communication GSM / GPRS. Completeness: Microprocessor control with remote control via GSM / GPRS is fully autonomous electronic device. Is contained in a special box with IP65 protection with electrical inputs, which is able to be attached to a wall or technological equipment. Input-output signals of KB-GSM-10: Depending on your application KB-GSM-10 can be configured with the following input / output modules: -KB-A10 analog input signaling (4-20) mA or (0-10) V -KB-In10 digital inputs - optically isolated signals. -KB-Out10 for output signals - NO and NC contact. The total number of input / output signals is 62 divided depending on the application of the controller as follows: Input signals: Analog 12 Bit (A / D) converter- to 12 number.Tsifrovi - Digital - to 62 number. Output signals:Digital - to 62 number. Communication part: USB; RS 232/485; RF-869 MHz (at a distance of 100-200 meters); GSM / GPRS.

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