Real time remote control and management system via GSM/GPRS “KBVC-GPRS”



The real time remote control and management system of pumping plant (KBVC-GPRS) provides opportunity for management, control and monitoring of Water and Sewerage Systems objects such as pumping plants, pumping facilities, water reservoirs, etc. The system allows data backup of expenses, capacities, alerts and emergency break-downs. The system is based on high-tech solutions and operates using wireless communication – GSM/GPRS, SCADA modules and web based application. KBVC – GPRS is designed for management and control of pumping facilities and other devices as well as security system equipped with RF and contact sensors. The remote control and management of pumping plants via GSM/GPRS is a fully autonomous electronic device. KBVC-GPRS is located in a special box with security factor IP66, which can be mounted on the wall or it can be attached to different technical devices. The micro processor system supports analog and digital input / output signals sufficient for the automation of the objects.

Input analog signals for monitoring of:

  • Reservoir level with 1% accuracy;
  • Pump pressure with 0/2 bar accuracy;
  • Electric motor currency with 0.1A accuracy.

Input digital signals for monitoring of:

  • Controller appliances condition;
  • Connection to digital water-meters;
  • Site security (space sensor) – security & observation technology company.

Digital output signals for monitoring of relay-contactor appliances. The power supply of the system and sensors has a backup battery supply for 72 hours. There is an opportunity for photo-voltaic power supply. GSM/GPRS communication module. RS232/485 serial interface. Wall mounted case with ingress protection IP65 or IP66.

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