Control device of the local heating station (CDLHS)



The Control device of the local heating station is used for a frequency control of asynchronous motors depending on the following parameters (flow meters, heat meters, capacity meters, etc.). There is an opportunity for the regulation of the turnover of two asynchronous engines (pumps) and direct connection of a third one. The control device of the local heating system is connected with a GSM controller KB-GSM-O3 TMA from which the device receives information about the speed of the engines. GSM controller defines the speed of the engines on the data base received from the heat meter of the Local heating station. The data from the heat meter and the accidents in the frequency regulator of the control device of the heating station are reported via GSM network to SCADA of the control center. It can be completed in accordance to the technical equipment and the program supply at client’s request. It is placed in a special case with electrical inputs, which can be attached to a wall.