Microprocessor management with a remote control via GSM/GPRS KB-GSM-10



KB-GSM-10 is designed for control, monitoring, management and security of objects wireless communication GSM/GPRS.


Microprocessor management with remote control via GPS/GPRS is a completely autonomous electronic device. It is placed in a special case with ingress protection IP65 with electric inputs; the case can be mounted on a wall or on technical equipment.

Technical metrological characteristics;

KB-GSM-10 has the following characteristics:

  • Dimensions: They depend on the number of the used input/output signals.
  • Mounting on the wall: protection level IP 65;
  • Power supply: 220V or 12V
  • Operation temperature: -25 ?C to + 50?C
  • Barometer pressure of the environment: from 86 kPa to 106 kPa

ÂKB-GSM-10 Input/output signals

Depending on its application KB-GSM-10 can be configured with the following input/output modules:

  • KB-A10 for analogue input signals – (4 – 20) mA or (0-10) V.
  • KB-KB-In10 for digital input signals – optically isolated.
  • KB-Out10 for relay output signals – NO and NC contact.
The total number of input/output signals is 62 and they are distributed in accordance with the controller application as follows:

Input signals:

  • Analogue 12 Bit (A/D) converter – up to 12 units.
  • Digital – up to 62 units.

Output signals:

  • Digital – up to 62 units.

Communication part:

  • USB
  • RS 232/ 485
  • RF – 869 MHz( a distance of 100-200 meters)

Power supply and emergency power supply:

  • Impulse power supply 220 V (+10%-15%).
  • Power supply module for GSM/GPRS communication.
  • Power supply module of emergency accumulator.
  • Emergency accumulator (12V 3Ah) for alarm messages and security.
  • Option: Power supply from a solar panel with a buffer accumulator.

rinciple of operation

Input signals coming from relevant sensors are converted by KB-GSM-10 digital.

Communication environment is built through the network of any GSM operator and own server co-located in a reliable supplier.

B-GSM-10 is equipped and programmed by the manufacturer. Its inclusion and connection to an object is performed by the client or by the technical personnel of Biltronic.