Odorizing station OS-01

Odorizing station OS-01 Odorizing station OS-01 Microprocessor system (MPC) for management and control of gas odorizing station – OS1 is designed for management and control of the operating mechanisms of odorizing stations LEWA and others, to create operational backups as well as to accomplish communication with devices along a serial channel or wireless communications (GSM/GPRS and ISM). Based on the received information towards the Microprocessor system OS1 the relevant programs and algorithms for control of the operational devices for gas odorizing are performed. Microprocessor system OS1 is a programmable control system with display and keyboard, fully equipped and ready for installation and operation. The presence of a connection channel with a computer or a radio-modem (GSM/GPRS and ISM) allows the building of a network for data collection as well as easy configuration and re-setting of the device. Additional indication shows the condition of the output signals. The service of Microprocessor system OS1 includes recording of the integral indications visually or by a connection channel with a computer or a radio-modem as well as monitoring of the instantaneous indications of the input and output values. There is an authorized password access to the parameters and the tuning constants and the corresponding messages for errors and incorrect use of the device.


  OS-01 is a completely autonomous system for management and control of odorizing station equipment. It is placed in a special case with an opportunity for mounting to a wall or to technical equipment via DIN split. Microprocessor system provides remote bidirectional connection via built-in GSM (CSD, SMS) communication device.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 240 õ 210 õ 115 mm

Place of installation: wall, DIN rail

Degree of protection:IP 65

Supply voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz

Operating temperature: from 5 ?C to + 40 ?C

Barometric pressure environment: from 86 kPa to 106 kPa

Parameters of the input signals:

Analogue input signal for temperature measurement: from -20?C to +80?C (Pt100) – optional

Analogue input signal transmitter measurement 4 – 20 mA – optional

Digital signal from a micro flow-meter – 2 items

Digital signal from a flow-meter or a corrector

Digital signal for level or odourant

Parameters of the output signals:

Control of a dosing pump – 196V DC

Control of electromagnet distributors – 220 V AC – 6 items (relay outputs)

Functional characteristics and opportunities:

  A multi-functional digital display with liquid crystals and a keyboard, used for visualization and setting is installed into OS-01. Authorized access with a password for the relevant parameters and setting constants as well as for the specific messages for failures and incorrect use of the device are provided.