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Software developments

    Biltronic as a company developing customer and specialized software applies their broad knowledge and experience in the field of financial services, industry and others in order to create a wide range of Desktop and Mobile applications.

Who can become a client of Biltronic for our software developments?

  • Organizations that need specialized software, requiring timely guaranteed change according to the legal regulations or changes in the economic environment.
  • Companies that aim optimization of their activity in order to reduce costs; automated management, logistics or production processes.
  • Persons, who have not discovered the application they need.

What benefits do the Biltronic customers get?

    The right application is developed in order to solve the most difficult individual or business challenges.

    • No matter how difficult our customers’ requirements are, they always receive what they need:

  • The shortest possible time to create an application. Our team of professional possesses excellent experience in the field of software development and we achieve our goals in the shortest possible terms.
  • Opportunity for extension and renewal (upgrade) – the projects are implement by passing through all stages of the pre-selected methodology which is considered with the software purposes.
  • Opportunity for integration as part of a system with another manufacturer depending on the terms and needs.
  • Cost effective software.
  • Support – feedback and personal commitment from us.

What are the operation systems we develop applications for?

    Window OS and Lunix OS based on operation systems for mobile devices, desktop, and server machines as well as for embedded systems.

What kind of technologies and programming languages do we use?

    Desktop and mobile applications

  • Delphi
  • .NET - C#, C++
  • WPF
  • Win32 C++
  • Linux C/C++
  • Java
  • MS SQL
  • Mysql

    WEB development

  • Java
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Mysql


    Financial sector - billing software, customer service, online payments, etc.

    Industry - dispatching stations, telemetry, automated management.

    Software elements of IE - predicative algorithms, logistics, warehouses.

    WEB pages and development sites