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Hardware projects

    Biltronic emphasizes on activities in the design, production and integration of both conventional and specific network, communication and specialized equipment. The company is well experienced in automation systems, management and telemetry.

Who can become a client of Biltronic for R & D

  • Organizations that need specialized communication or other kind of micro-processor devices for monitoring and control of objects and whose basic criteria is improvement of the quality of the provided services and production.
  • Companies that need partial or complete automation at monitoring of a definite technological process or value aiming to improve the quality and costs reduction.
  • Persons with specific hobbies.

What benefits do the Biltronic customers get?

    Certified and specified product depending on the specific needs.

    No matter how demanding our customers’ are, they always receive what they need:

  • The shortest possible time to create an application. Our team of professional possesses excellent experience in the R & D, field we achieve our goals in the shortest possible terms.
  • Performance quality – the projects are implement by passing through all stages of construction, testing and if it is necessary production and settings are performed.
  • Opportunity for integration in an already established system of another manufacturer in case of necessity.
  • Cost effective product.
  • Support – feedback and personal commitment from us.

What kind of elements base do we operate with and what technology do we use?

    In order to achieve high quality and reliable design of the products, we collaborate with leading producers of electronic elements and integral schemes TI, Microchip, Murata, Analog Devices etc. We apply wide variety of technologies and stsndards such as: GPRS, GPS, Wi-fi, RFID, Modbus, HART etc.


    Automated microprocessor control, solar systems, Security systems, Remote (wireless) report and management, telemetry, radio networks, M2M GPRS/3G communications, Smart Meter systems etc.